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Find cheap flights from Edinburgh to Larnaca at in just 5 minutes. On the site you can compare flight prices on this route, buy airline tickets costing from £46 and see the aircraft schedule.

The cheapest flight ticket from Edinburgh to Larnaca was found 2 days ago. Its one way cost starts from £46, the departure date is 19 March 2020. The minimum price for a round trip flight starts from £188. This flight fare was found 3 days ago, with the following departure dates: Edinburgh on 22 July 2020 year, and back from Larnaca on 05 August 2020 year.

Plane tickets from Edinburgh to Larnaca

The table shows the prices of direct flight plane tickets to Larnaca from Edinburgh. If you find an interesting air travel offer, do not delay your purchase, last minute offers run out very quickly.

Departure date Stops Distance Business class / economy Find Ticket


1 stop

2 261.79 m


Find from 46GBP


2 stops

2 261.79 m


Find from 60GBP


1 stop

2 261.79 m


Find from 90GBP


2 stops

2 261.79 m


Find from 55GBP

Best Flights: Edinburgh to Larnaca and back

The cost of a round trip flight on the Edinburgh - Larnaca (Cyprus) route. The cheapest ticket was purchased 3 days ago, its price was from £188. It flies to Larnaca on 22 July 2020 year and returns to Edinburgh on 05 August 2020 year.

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Departure date Return date Airlines Flight number Stops Find Ticket



Cairo Aviation

OE 121

1 stop

Flights from 285GBP

Flight Schedule Edinburgh to Larnaca 2020

The current flight schedule for the route from Edinburgh to Larnaca for today, tomorrow and the next few days. This schedule will help you decide on the time of departure and arrival, the airline, the flight number and the day of the week.

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A Flight in Numbers

It takes 05:23 minutes to fly from Edinburgh to Larnaca excluding transfers. The distance between the cities is 3629 km or 2254 miles. The earliest morning plane from Edinburgh leaves for Larnaca at 11:30. And the latest evening flight departs at 17:20.


Non-stop flight time

05:23 min



2254 mi

The earliest flight

The earliest flight


The latest flight

The latest flight



The fastest flight


The fastest Edinburgh - Larnaca flight ticket is provided by, the flight number is LS 721. It is in the air for 05:05 mins, departing from Edinburgh Airport at 12:10 and arriving at 17:15 in Larnaca International Airport. This flight is carried out on a modern Boeing 737-800 airliner.

Frequently asked question

The cost of the cheapest one-way flight from Edinburgh to Larnaca starts from £46. The departure date of that flight is 19 March 2020.

Round trip costs start from £188, with the departure date there being on 22 July 2020 year, and back on 05 August 2020 year.

There are 1 airlines flying directly from Edinburgh to Larnaca:

And 5 airlines fly with transfers: British Airways, Qatar Airways, EasyJet, Wizz Air, Flybe

The flight time from Edinburgh to Larnaca averages 05:23 mins.

1 aircraft models fly from Edinburgh to Larnaca, overcoming 2254 miles in an average of 05:23 mins. The fastest aircraft on this route is Boeing 737-800 from, it flies for 05:05 min.

  • Boeing 737-800


Direct flight

There are 1 airlines that fly directly from Edinburgh to Larnaca. The most popular company carrying out non-stop flights is

*Flight number

Flights with Transfers

Flights with transfers from Edinburgh to Larnaca can be bought from 5 airlines:

  • British Airways: Helsinki
  • Qatar Airways: Doha
  • EasyJet: Helsinki, Berlin
  • Wizz Air: Warsaw
  • Flybe: Helsinki

*Transit cities


Airfare from airports. In Edinburgh, 1 airports serve all air communications with Larnaca. Airplanes arrive at 1 airport in Larnaca.

Edinburgh airports:

Edinburgh Airport  ~ 11 km* from £53

Larnaca airports:

Larnaca International Airport  ~ 1 km* from £53

*Distance from the airport to the city center


1 aircraft models from 1 airlines fly on the Edinburgh - Larnaca route. The fastest airliner is the Boeing 737-800, from the company

  • Boeing 737-800

Connecting cities

The list of cities on transfer flights from Edinburgh to Larnaca. The best options are to fly through: Helsinki, Doha, Warsaw, Berlin.

Cheap airline tickets from Edinburgh to Cyprus

Here is a list of flights from Edinburgh to Cyprus purchased on in the past 48 hours. If you find an interesting offer for cheap tickets, do not delay your purchase, prices change every 15 minutes.

Edinburgh - Larnaca12:1017:15LS 721Boeing 737-80019 March 2020
from £46
Edinburgh - Ercan12:1020:35TK 1344Boeing 737-800
Edinburgh - Paphos13:5518:50U2 6945Airbus A320

All flights from Edinburgh

Flights from United Kingdom to Larnaca

Here are the cheapest flight bookings from United Kingdom to Larnaca made by users of our website. If you didn’t find your flight destination, use the search bar at the top of the page.

London - Larnaca13:0017:300B 5132Boeing 737-80022 March 2020
from £37
Manchester - Larnaca16:4021:25MT 1548Airbus A32118 March 2020
from £44
Edinburgh - Larnaca12:1017:15LS 721Boeing 737-80019 March 2020
from £46
Glasgow - Larnaca15:5020:40MT 1860Airbus A32110 June 2020
from £71
Birmingham - Larnaca13:0017:300B 5152Boeing 737-80018 March 2020
from £59
Liverpool - Larnaca11:2016:10U2 7155Airbus A32008 March 2020
from £57
Newcastle - Larnaca19:4500:25MT 1108Airbus A321
Belfast - Larnaca15:5521:05MT 1792Airbus A321
Bristol - Larnaca17:1521:50MT 1986Airbus A32105 April 2020
from £79
Leeds - Larnaca16:0520:50LS 465Boeing 757-200

All flights to Larnaca

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